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Gross-beaked Wobbling Donnie

Bird Walk 71

Hi Birders, The sun is out and so are the birds. I was out at Morse Creek a few days ago and I thought the Brown Creeper was going to be the bird of the week, but thanks to Sandy S. I have found the bird of the year. Today I was able to get some very exciting shots of an extremely rare bird. I was aflutter with all the little birds I had gotten earlier in the week, with the creeper and kinglets, but with the joyfulness of this bird it has me walking with a very lively step. A bird so rare I could never expect to see one again. Quoting the only information I have been able to find about it is from the National Geographic Field Guide To quote: "In a very rare variant morph, all orange color is replaced by white."

A Varied Thrush is the bird of the week, month, and maybe the year. This is such a pretty bird; I am amazed at how all the orange is replaced beautifully by white. I think this is a young male; the breast band is lighter, but the head is darker than a female, and the band is darker at the ends. I could hardly keep my hand steady while trying to take the pictures. I was fhrilled to see the young dippers grow-up, this is just as exciting, yet in a very different way.

I have several other birds for you this week; the kinglets, creepers, and bushtits, there are a couple nice close-ups; a Townsend's Warbler, Pine Siskins, Evening Grosbeaks, Red-tailed Hawk, (I climbed 30 feet straight up to get near eye level; he was sitting out in the sun, shaking off the snow) and a few other birds filled the count.

Normally I leave the pictures in their natural order, by the day I took the picture, but this week...

The Varied Thrush gets Center Stage.

Enjoy, Don

The gallery link is below.

Spotted Towhee Varied Thrush

Gallery link: Bird Walk 71

Don Wallace Photography

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